Veronica Yellowhorse


From the Keeani clan, which means “Towering Light” in her native Navajo, Veronica Yellowhorse is from an acclaimed family of jewelers and silversmiths. Her step-father, famous jeweler Louis D. McCabe, became one of her first teachers along with her mother Betty Yellowhorse and her aunt Artie Yellowhorse. Two cousins, Bryon and Alvin Yellowhorse are also celebrated and award-winning jewelers.

Yellowhorse’s grandmother was a gifted Navajo rug weaver and it is the traditional attention to artistic detail that guides Veronica Yellowhorse today. The natural high-quality stones she works with represent her passion for color. Working with stones such as turquoise, denim lapis, charoite, serpentine, jasper and agate, Yellowhorse designs statement pieces that showcase the importance of every beautiful stone.