About Us

Our goal is to emphasize what is obvious to so many collectors - that Native American art, as a genre, is as vital, current, and significant as the best of contemporary art, nationally and internationally. With that in mind, we aim to show the vast range of styles that Native American artists represent today, from more traditional narrative forms to the abstract and cutting-edge.
— Dr. Jennifer Bryant Nagel

Our Gallery

One of the oldest and most acclaimed Sedona art galleries, Turquoise Tortoise, a Bryant Nagel Gallery, founded in 1971 and relocated to Sedona in 1981, built its considerable reputation representing top Contemporary and Traditional Native American artists and jewelers, later adding top Southwest artists as well.

This destination art gallery, located in the heart of the famed Sedona Gallery District, is noted for its nationally and internationally recognized artists and jewelers, many of whom got their start at this gallery decades ago and have remained as their careers took off – and often as the next generation in their gifted families gained the gallery’s representation as well. Turquoise Tortoise is also known for recognizing the talents of regional Native American artists whose careers are just beginning to bring them deserved recognition. 

For individuals established in collecting Native American Art or Southwestern Art, and for those who wish to begin, for interiors designers and corporate art buyers too, the knowledgeable staff at Turquoise Tortoise stands ready to help you acquire the singular artistry of our spell-binding Southwest. 


Our Gallery Owners

With an absolute appreciation for and recognition of the foundation laid for them, Thomas and Jennifer Bryant Nagel, avid art-lovers, acquired Turquoise Tortoise in mid-2017 and are dedicated to continuing the gallery’s strong legacy as they usher in the years and decades to come. Thomas Bryant Nagel, with passions in photography and sculpture, received Bachelor Degrees in both Advertising and Photography from Northern Arizona University (NAU) as well as an Associate Degree in Computer Sciences. He serves as the Chief Operating Officer guiding day-to-day gallery operations. Dr. Jennifer Bryant Nagel received her MFA from Notre Dame and holds a PhD in English Literature. As an instructor in the English Department of Northern Arizona University,  she teaches classes in subjects that include Early American Literature, Women’s Literature and Feminist Theory, African-American Literature, and American Gothic Fiction. From a family of art collectors, Dr. Bryant Nagel serves as the gallery's Chief Executive Officer.