Elena Nevado


Of Swedish and Spanish descent, Elena Nevado has spent her life in many places: Sweden, Brazil, southern Spain and the western United States. She currently divides her time between ranches in Spain and Colorado.

A gifted artist, Nevado’s first love remains horses and she has been a long-time breeder of Andalusians, also known as the “Pure Spanish Horse” or PRE (Pura Raza Española). A breed developed in the Iberian Peninsula, the Andalusian’s ancestors inhabited that region for thousands of years and have changed little over the centuries. Nevado’s prize breeding stallion is a black named “Guapo XIV” and, as Elena Nevado enthusiastically reports, “He is a true warrior!” He also figures in many of her paintings.

It is her intimate familiarity with these magnificent creatures that allows Elena Nevado to capture their freedom and power on canvas. She paints in oils with quick and complex brushstrokes that at once create both form and motion. 

When her travels brought her to the American West Elena Nevado felt a deep connection to the horse cultures of the Native Americans. Appaloosas and the American Paint took their places of prominence in her heartfelt paintings. Horses in portrait, in motion, in pairs and dramatic herds are captured in oil paint by this gifted artist. 

Her “Warrior” series, inspired by Guapo XIV, relates to the eternal story captured in a strong horse’s fiery nature, one that she captures dynamically on canvas. Paintings by Elena Nevado continue to gain attention on the international art stage and she continues to expand her oeuvre with images of wolves and eagles joining her beloved horses to dominate canvases with their raw boldness.

Works by Elena Nevado are exhibited in several galleries across the United States as well as galleries in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Elena Nevado has been featured in "Svenska Magasinet" in Sweden, and "Horses in Art," "Santa Fe Weekly" and "Santa Fe Focus" in the United States.