Al Glann


The Horse Series created by gifted sculptor Al Glann captures with piercing accuracy not only the intense presence of spirit embodied by each of these noble creatures but also the artist’s own heartfelt connection that wove its way into his psyche at an early age. 

“Having grown up in the ‘50's in the TV world of Bonanza, Gunsmoke, The Lone Ranger and Rawhide, one naturally had a connection to horses,” Al Glann remembers. “It was part of the fabric of this country at the time. Although I was raised on a 500-acre farm and always wanted one, we never had a horse.” It is perhaps that continued longing that impressed upon Al Glann the desire to recreate, again and again, the horse in all its glory. Reclining, grazing, bucking or standing at rest with one gently bent leg, the horse sculptures by Al Glann capture it all in minimally sized pieces of steel that are representative of the horses’ massive bodies. These steel maquettes are then molded to prepare for the bronzing process, using these steel originals as the masters in his final fabrication. Al Glann produces each of his horse sculptures in a bronze series of 25.

“Horses have very distinct personalities and physical looks,” Al Glann notes in explaining what his sculptures capture. “I love to create horses in action, a gestural 3 dimensional drawing with metal. I exaggerate the form … giving it a sense of what I see and feel it to be. I love to work with the line, weight, movement, the essence of the form, the negative space in defining the form and character. I strive to capture the personality of horses, more than a specific realistic representation of one particular horse.”

Formal art training for Al Glann began in college; he graduated from the Columbus [OH] College of Art & Design with a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration. Although he worked as a commercial designer and illustrator, the passion of Al Glann was in the creation of dimensional constructs and painting, composite relief, casting, wire sculpture, wood and metal. He was able to incorporate this passion into his work as an Associate Professor, teaching 3-D classes at his alma mater. After relocating to Arizona, Al Glann earned a Masters of Education at Northern Arizona University and balanced the life of a graphics design instructor at the Art Institute of Phoenix as he forged a career as a sculptor in steel.

Named Instructor of the Year in 2009, Al Glann is currently on an extended sabbatical during which time he is expanding his creative focus and devoting full time to the artistic passion he has nurtured for over 25 years. 

Al Glann has received countless awards for his various sculpture series. His work entitled “The Diva” was chosen by the prestigious Festival of Arts of Chiggio, (Venice) Italy, to be miniaturized as the highly coveted Eleanora Duse’ Diva Award, first presented in June, 2010. Various publications have chronicled his success over the years and Al Glann has completed many private commissions and enjoyed solo and group exhibitions.